Long ago, in year 1954 it was constituted company under name: Zagrebacki plavi, in only one gastronomy facility.

Name of ZAGREBAČKI PLAVI remained symbol of gastronomy in Zagreb since today.

After only three years, begins expansion of business activity on other locations, in the beginning on smaller facilities like bars and than few other restaurants.

With high quality of provided services and well prepared offering, company has quickly achieved trust of consumers and has enriched gastronomy offering in town of Zagreb.

Further development was focused on improving quality of business activities in newbuilt and existing facilities, with permanent inovations of catering services according to customers needs.

Nowadays ZAGREBAČKI PLAVI has kept tradition of old Zagreb cuisine along with wide assortment of Croatian and Mediterranean cuisine enriched with severe offering of fine Croatian wines.


Tel: +385 1 2315 650
Email: info@zagrebacki-plavi.hr
Address: Fijanova 5, Zagreb